Quincy QSI-50

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Quincy QSI-50 with a new stainless-steel enclosure built for offshore applications.

Quincy QSI Key Features

When you invest in Quincy QSI compressors, you’ll experience up to 100,000 hours of dependable service — over double the average life span of lower-quality products. Our factory-tested rotary screw compressors operate between 50 and 400 horsepower (hp) and are optimized for minimal maintenance and maximum uptime. The QSI is available in both air- and water-cooled configurations.

Our rotary screw air compressors are designed with many innovative features to optimize your applications, including:

  • A self-sustained base frame that eliminates the need for floor anchoring.
  • Forklift holes to facilitate easy placement without the use of a crane.
  • Vertical draft cooling for reduced ducting cost and complexity.
  • Hinged doors and detachable panels for easier access to consumables.
  • A needle valve that enables oil sampling during operation.
  • A separator element designed for minimal replacement frequency.
  • A user-friendly color touch screen.
  • Low sound emissions for minimal noise pollution.


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